Physics Inter 1st Year Numericals Notes Complete Chapters

Numericals Notes for inter


We are going to share with you the notes for different classes as mention above just for the help of our students, so that they can perform best in exams and in the near future, they can become good citizen of our society and take part in the development of our country. Would you like to read the notes or you can download them into your computer for offline learning. Students should take keen interest in study because they are the future of our country. See Below:-



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Physics Formulas for Intermediate Students

Note: Somehow I communicated with a man who graduated from one of the top economic universities (he studied at correspondence department), when communicating with him it became clear that a person who independently studied economics (and who learned a lot of clever words and terms) did not understand elementary things – for example, pricing principles in the market, the causes of inflation / deflation, etc. The reason is simple – the lack of communication with other people, teachers, as well as the absence of situations-paradoxes that make people deal with a certain problem at a fundamental level. A person can study what he is interested in. What is really needed is something that concerns him. Here I want to ask the author of the article: when he realized what he really needed, and that he was really interested? How often did the author change his views on life, interests, hobbies, habits? Most young people can not understand what they are interested in, and what they need . The University is an excellent opportunity to find out what is interesting by trial and error . A very small percentage knows this precisely from an early age. Many people can understand over time that the occupation that they have chosen is not what they want to do all their lives, and then a logical question arises, and what if they only know one area? To re-learn? Starting from scratch? And if again by, and if a person underestimates his strength? The result can be any.

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