Pak Studies Guess Paper 9th Class Short Questions

Pakistan Studies Guess Paper for 9th Class

Important Short Questions



Quid’s Speech on Stat Bank and & Dastoor e Pakistan & Qomait,

Nazria & Nazria e Pakistan

Khutba Alabad,

2 Qomi Nazria,


Musawat & insaf Shraet

Rehmat ali kb lfz pakistan dya?

Aburi hukumt mn 5 muslm wazeer,

Kabina Mission Membrs & Plan

Krips Mission 2 point,

Rolt Act,

Election 46 mnshoor,

Wavel Plan,

Quid sfeere Aman,

Quid Speech 1940,

Qrardad e Pakistan,

3 June 1947 ka Mansuba,

Second higher education, the pros and cons of obtaining
The issue of obtaining a second higher education has now become one of the priorities. A fairly large number of citizens are inclined to receive an additional diploma, in the hope that it will be able to bring them practical benefits, and will help in further professional growth. Below we will talk about some of the pros and cons of such a solution.

Say what you like, employers appreciate, first of all, the employee who is able to cope with their professional duties, quickly and effectively make decisions in any situation. If you do not meet the above requirements and do not cope with the tasks assigned to you, then even a second diploma will not help you stay in the workplace for a long time, not to mention any growth.

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