One Essay for Many/Multiple Topics for Matric

One Essay for Many Topics for Matric

(For Average Students Only)

A ................... Match

(i) A Footbal Match

(ii) A Cricket Match

(iii) A Volley Ball Match

(iv) A Hockey Match

(v) A Basket Ball Match

(vi) Tug of War

Matches are an essential part of sports and games. They give rise to sportsmanship. Last Sunday a …………… match was played between Tiger Club and M.C. High School. We reached the playground in time. There was a great rush of the spectators.

Everyone was trying to get front seat. There was a great hustle and bustle. We got our seats with great difficulty. There were many hawkers. They were selling eatables in a loud voice. The match started at the fixed time. Both the teams were equally strong. They were showing high spirits. Each team was trying its best to win the match. The supporters of both the teams were hooting and shouting in excitement. There was a loud noise in the playground.

The game was passing through a critical stage. Each side was trying hard to win the match. Soon the time was over. The match ended in a draw It was really an exciting match. We enjoyed it very much. We returned our homes tired but happy.


Note : Just replace dashes with your Essay Topic


2- A Common Personality

(i) A Postman

(ii) A Farmer

(iii) A Policeman

(iv) A Street Hawker

(v) A School Peon

(vi) A Chowkidar

(vii) A Washerman

(viii) A Taxi Driver

(ix) A Bus Driver

(x) A Carpenter

(xi) A Snake Charmer

(xii) A Railway Coolie

(xiii) A Beggar

(xiv) A Monkey Man

(xv) A Juggler


A……….. is a common person. He is found in every part of Pakistan. We are familiar with him. He lives a very simple life. His clothes are simple. He works hard to earn his living. He gets up early in the morning. He enjoys no holiday. Rain or sunshine, he has to labour all the day long. But after his hard labour, he gets a very small amount. He has to support a large family. So he lives from hand to mouth. He cannot enjoy the comforts of life. He can neither educate nor feed his children well. He passes his whole life in poverty.

On the whole, his general condition is pitiable. In spite of this, he earns his living by honest means. He should be respected for his hard labour because he is not a burden upon others.

Note : Just replace dashes with your Essay Topic

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