What is Nuclear Reactor in Physics

What is Nuclear Reactor


A system used to obtain a controlled amount of heat from nuclear fission is called a nuclear reactor.


Working of a Nuclear Reactor:


The fission material in a nuclear reactor is Uranium. This is called fuel element. The neutrons released from fission move with high velocities. The fast moving neutrons have to be slowed down before they cause further fission. The process of slowing down neutrons is called moderation. Heavy water is used as a moderator. When a chain reaction starts, it may produce large number of neutrons, which may cause too much fission. The rate of chain reaction is controlled by inserting control rods which are commonly made of Boron. The heat produced is a nuclear reactor is carried away by the circulation of pressurized water or carbon dioxide gas inside the core of the reactor. This heat is used to produce steam. This steam can be used to run a power station for the generation of electricity.


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