What are Non Magnetic Substances

What are Non Magnetic Substances


Substances that are neither attracted nor repelled by a magnet are called non-magnetic substances. Examples are wood, glass and paper.


Note: So, the student learns six years instead of the traditional five, but the university also visits much less often, namely during the installation session and during the examination period. In the first case, teachers lecture, provide a plan – summaries, give topics of coursework, abstracts and approximate questions for the exam, and also produce a thorough preparation of the student for the upcoming session. Lectures for training may not be enough. so students – extramural students should seek additional information. They can take it from the teacher, or search on the Internet. On the one hand, independent searches for sources help and stimulate. And on the other hand it is very difficult, and at this stage mistakes are not ruled out. But the examination period causes the students much more anxiety and anxiety, because all received estimates will be reflected in the application to the diploma, and indeed are a passing ticket for the next course. Typically, the winter session lasts about ten days, and the summer is sometimes delayed for a month.

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