What is Newton’s Third Law of Physics

Newton’s Third Law of Physics


Newton’s Third Law

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.




According to Newton’s Law of Motion, we have:


F (Action) = – F (Reaction



The negative (-) sign indicates that the two forces are parallel but in the opposite direction. If we consider one of the interacting objects as A and the other as B, Then a.


According to the Third Law of Motion:


F(AB) = -F(BA) E


F (A B) represents the force exerted on A and F (BA) is the force exerted on B.




  1. When we walk on the ground, we push the ground backward and as a reaction the ground pushes us forward. Due to this reason we are able to move on the ground.


  1. If a book is placed on the table, it exerts some force on the table, which is equal to the weight of the book. The table as a reaction pushes the book upward. This is the reason that the book is stationary on the table and it does not fall down.


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