Natural Methods of Vegetative Propagation in Flowering Plants

Methods of Vegetative Propagation in Plants




The methods of vegetative propagation by stem are runners and suckers.




  1. i) A runner is long and thin stem, which creep along the surface of soil.


  1. ii) It gives off adventitious roots which may separate from parent plant and give rise to new plant.


iii) Examples are grasses, strawberry etc.




  1. i) Suckers are lateral branches of stem with terminal buds.


  1. ii) They grow from base of stems.


iii) They grow obliquely to the soil level and produce new shoots and roots and give rise to new plant.


  1. iv) Examples are Mint (Podina) and Banana.




  1. i) The leaf of bryophyllum has notches on its margin.


  1. ii) When this leaf is mature, or falls on ground, the adventitious buds appear in the notches with adventitious roots.


iii) These grow into new plants.


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