Mr Chips Chapter 6 Questions Answers

Mr Chips Chapter 6 Questions


Q.1: What type of man was Mr. Chips before marriage?

Ans.: Mr. Chips had been a dry and rather a neuter sort of person before marriage.



Q.2: What changes did marriage bring in Chips?

Ans.: Marriage gave him a new touch. His eyes gained sparkle, his sense of humor blossomed and his teaching style was also improved.



Q.3: How did Katherine persuade Chips to hold a match between Mission and Brookfield School?

Ans.: She gave many arguments to persuade Chips. She said that the boys of Mission and Brookfield School were equally important for England. There should not be any class distinction between them.



Q.4: Describe Poplar boys’ visit to Brookfield.

Ans.: Poplar boy’s visit to Brookfield was a great success. One Saturday afternoon, they reached Brookfield, played a soccer match with the school’s second team. Later they had high tea. They left and took good impression.

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