Mr Chips Chapter 4 Questions Answers

Mr Chips Chapter 4 Questions


Q.1: How did Mr. Chips came across Katherine Bridges?

Ans.: Chips came across her on the rock the Great Gabble and injured himself.



Q.2: What were Mr. Chips’ views about the women of the nineties?

Ans.: Mr. Chips disliked the women of the nineties because they read Shaw and Ibsen and drove bicycle equally to men.



Q.3: Describe Katherine’s physical grace.

Ans.: She was twenty five years old. She had blue flashing eyes, freckled cheeks and straw-colored hair.



Q.4: Describe Katherine’s ideas.

Ans.: She had modern ideas. She wanted to get the right of vote and admission to universities for women. She was a radical in politics.



Q.5: Why did Katherine visit Mr. Chips daily?

Ans.: She visited him daily because she thought herself responsible for the accident, of Mr. Chips.



Q.6: How old were Chips and Katherine at the time of their marriage?

Ans.: At the time of their marriage, Chips was forty eight years old while Katherine was twenty five young.



Q.6: Why did Chips dislike Shaw and Ibsen?

Ans.: He was a conventional person. He did not like Shaw for his strange ideas. He did not like Ibsen for his disturbing plays.

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