Mr Chips Chapter 17 & 18 Questions Answers

Mr Chips Chapter 17 & 18 Questions

Q.1: Where did Mrs. Wickett go a day before Mr. Chips’ death?

Ans.: A day before Mr. Chips’ death, she went to see her relatives.



Q.2: Who was Linford?

Ans.: Linford was a boy of nine. He was the last person who came to see Chips’ before his death. He made Chips remember his wife, Katherine by saying, “Good Bye, Mr. Chips”.



Q.3: Why did Chips became sad after Linford’s visit?

Ans.: Chips became sad because Linford’s word, “Good bye, Mr. Chips” reminded him the day of his marriage and his wife, Katherine.



Q.4: Why Linford has come to see Mr. Chips?

Ans.: Someone told Linford that Chips wanted to see him. Therefore, he came to see Chips. It was just a joke because Chips did not call him.


Q.5: Whom did Chips see around him when he awoke after being unconscious?

Ans.: He saw Old Buffle, Mr. Cartwright, Dr. Merivale and Mrs. Wickett around him when he awoke after being unconscious.



Q.6: What did Cartwright say about Chips’ Children?

Ans.: Cartwright said that it was a pity Chips never had any children.



Q.7: What was Chips’ response on Cartwright’s statement about his being issueless (childless)?

Ans.: Chips responded immediately, opened his eyes and in a feeble voice said that he had thousands of Children and they all were boys.



Q.8: How did Chips die?

Ans.: After the visit of Old Buffle, Cartwright, Dr. Merivale and Mrs.Wickett , Chips slept and died peacefully.



Q.9: What were the two things Chips had never done?

Ans.: He had never traveled by air and had never gone to a cinema.



Q.10: What kind of novel is this?

Ans.: This is a biographical novel. The biography of a school teacher, Mr. Chipping is described in it.

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