Mr Chips Chapter 13 & 14 Questions Answers

Mr Chips Chapter 13 & 14 Questions


Q.1: When and why did Chips join Brookfield again?

Ans.: In 1916, he rejoined Brookfield on request of Chatteris to help him in managing the school affairs.



Q.2: Who was Forrester?

Ans.: Forrester was the smallest boy in the Brookfield about four feet high. He was killed in 1918 in Cambrai.


Q.3: When did he become the acting head of the school again and why?

Ans.: He became the acting head of the School for the second time in 1917 when Chatteris fell ill during the winter term.



Q.4: When and how did Chatteris die?

Ans.: Chatteris fell ill during the winter term and in April, 1917 he died of diabetes.



Q.5: How did Chips perform his duties during his second headship?

Ans.: During his second headship, he sat in the headmaster’s study and handled the problems.



Q.6: Who was Herr Staefel / Max Staefel?

Ans.: He was a German master. He was Chip’s junior in the school. Chips went for cure to Wiesbaden and stayed at his home. He was killed on the Western Front in the First World War.

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