Mr Chips Chapter 10 Questions Answers

Mr Chips Chapter 10 Questions

Q.1: Who succeeded Wetherby as a Headmaster?

Ans.: Mr. Wetherby was succeeded by Mr. Meldrum, as a Headmaster, in 1870, who acted as Brookfield’s head till his death in 1900.



Q.2: When and how did Meldrum die?

Ans.: Meldrum died in 1900 of pneumonia. He served Brookfield for 30 years as a Headmaster.



Q.2: When did Mr. Chips become the Acting Head of Brookfield for the first time?

Ans.: Mr. Chips became the Acting Head of Brookfield after the death of Mr. Meldrum in 1900.



Q.3: Describe personality of Mr. Ralston.

Ans.: Ralston was a young man of thirty seven. He was like a live wire ruthless and energetic, but not very likeable. He had an impressive personality.



Q.4: Why could Ralston not become popular?

Ans.: Ralston could not become popular because he was unkind and inhuman. He was running Brookfield as a factory. Therefore, he was feared but not liked.

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