Mitosis and Meiosis Comparison

Mitosis and Meiosis Comparison




  1. i) It is a type of cell division in which chromosomes remains the same.


  1. ii) One cell gets divided into two cells.


iii) All the somatic cells such as skin cells bone cells, muscle cells, blood cells etc divide by mitosis.


  1. iv) There is no pairing of homologous chromosomes.


  1. v) No crossing over takes place in mitosis.




  1. i) It is the type of cell in which chromosomes number is reduce to half.


  1. ii) One cell gets divided into four cells.


iii) The sex cells divide by meiosis.


  1. iv) Synapsis takes place that is pairing of homologous chromosomes


  1. v) Crossing over takes place in meiosis.


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