What is meant by Thermal Expansion of Solid in Physics

Thermal Expansion of Solid in Physics


Thermal Expansion of Solids:


Solids expand on heating. Their ability to expand depends on their molecular structure. As the temperature is increased, the average kinetic energy of the molecules increases and they vibrate with larger amplitudes. This results increase in the distance between them. Hence, they expand on heating.


Thermal Expansion of solids can be classified into three types.

  1. Linear Thermal Expansion:


Change in length or any one dimension of a solid on heating is known as Linear Thermal Expansion.


  1. Real Expansion

The sum of the observed increase in the volume of a liquid and that of the containing vessel is called real thermal expansion.


Real Expansion = Apparent Expansion + Expansion of the Vessel


  1. Apparent Expansion:


Apparent Expansion is the expansion in which only the expansion of liquid is considered and expansion of the vessel is not taken into account. Apparent expansion is less the real expansion.


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