What is Meant by the Term Carcinogenic

What is Carcinogenic


Those agents or substances which cause cancer in the body tissues, are called as carcinogenic.


Note: The next part is devoted to the description of the student’s progress. It is necessary to give exhaustive answers to such questions: how the student learns, how he relates to educational activity, what relations he has with the teachers. You can immediately list his achievements in scientific conferences or training sessions. Also in this part indicate the average score of the student’s record book, evaluate its position in public life: is it active or does it take a position of neutrality? Then it is necessary to translate the conversation to the personal qualities of the student, to characterize the strengths and weaknesses of his character, to make notes about how the student communicates with his classmates, teachers, management and staff of the university. If the student lives in a hostel , it will not be superfluous to supplement the characteristics with data on this. All information must be reliable and reflect reality. Completion of the characteristic is necessarily the date of its compilation and the signature of the dean. If this document is necessary for translation, then it must also be signed by the rector and the stamp of the university.

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