What is the Meaning of Prism in Physics

What is Prism in Physics


Prism is a transparent piece of glass. I t has three rectangular Sides and two triangular sides.


Note: First of all, any student should understand that the teacher, despite all his services in the scientific field is not a celestial person, but an ordinary person, like us. Teachers may well have their weaknesses, face daily human difficulties and also miss the stars from the sky. They can even be compared to those who work in the office or at the factory. That is why, the next time you have a temptation to be rude to your teacher, especially if you think that he is wrong, remember the following. Let’s say you have a voice raised by a person, whether familiar or unfamiliar. Most likely, like 95% of people, you will share with your loved ones that a certain “bad person” has spoiled your mood for the whole day. In vain do you think that this problem can be resolved in this way. In this case, the negative only doubles, and, which is the most unpleasant, literally in an absolutely empty place. It is unlikely that there will be those who need additional problems, because those that require urgent permission, and enough.

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