What do you Mean by Oxygen Debt

What do you Mean by Oxygen Debt


Lack of oxygen in muscles after rapid and vigorous exercise is called oxygen debt.




In an exercise rate of breathing become fast but it does not supply enough oxygen to the muscles to meet the needs. Then anaerobic respiration supply the energy but this lead to an accumulation of lactic acid in muscles. This is called muscle fatigue.


You know that fast breathing continue after taking some exercise. This is done for paying off the oxygen debt.


Note: Perhaps this is a temporary state and after a while the child adapts to the new way of life and everything will return to normal. But what if this period is delayed and is not going to pass at all? Then individual training in school can come to the rescue. It differs in that the child deals with the teacher one on one and all his attention and the time of the lesson he gives to one child. Explains the subject, taking into account the peculiarities of the perception of information by the student and in quiet conditions, studies the hard-going moments several times. Concentration at work. No distractions, conversations and ridicule behind your back, flight of thoughts in an unknown direction. Constant eye contact and brainstorming. Efficiency. The progress will increase many times and due to this there will be a craving for study. This is a subtle psychological moment that is familiar to an adult person. When nothing works out – I want to give up everything, but when there is a result that is noticeably improved as a result of the work done – there is an incentive to continue to grow further.

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