Love an Essence of All Religions Summary

Love an Essence of All Religions Summary


Love changes the thorns to roses. Bitter vinegar becomes sweet wine because of love. Love makes a throne of the stake (gallows). Because of love misfortune becomes good fortune, burning fire becomes soothing light, hard stone becomes as soft as butter and grief dresses itself as a joy.


Love makes the beasts harmless. And it changes the sickness into health and wrath into mercy. Love is so powerful that it lends life to the dead and transforms kings into slaves. Love has great power.

Note: The language barrier. It is clear that studying abroad is mainly conducted in a foreign language. Teachers conduct classes in a foreign language, all textbooks and materials are also written in a foreign language. Therefore, the level of knowledge of the language should be high enough for understanding and communication. Often, educational institutions provide the opportunity to learn the language directly on the spot, which requires additional time and financial costs directly from your side. Otherwise, you simply can not communicate and perceive information around you. It is clear that education abroad carries both pluses and minuses. You must decide specifically for yourself, which is more important. The solution must be weighed and well thought out. If you are not afraid of difficulties, and you are ready to fight for your future – dare and do not forget that everything depends on you and no one can stop you!

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