Life In A Big City Essay in simple English for 10th Class

Life In A Big City essay in simple English


Daily life in a big city is busy and exciting. It is full of charms and comforts as well as full of difficulties and problems. Life in a big city is not as simple and peaceful as village life. Big cities are centres of trade and business.

There are many big markets and shopping centres in big cities. As soon as the sun rises people move on to their jobs in offices, mills, factories and shops. There is a great rush of traffic on roads. Traffic often jams in rush hours. The same thing happens after mid-day when thousands of people return to their homes after the day’s work.

The atmosphere of big cities is not clean and fresh. It is polluted with harmful substances. Sanitation facilities are inadequate. Heaps of dirt can be seen everywhere. The residents of big cities have no peace of mind. Worries and cares are part and parcel of there life. People are strictly tied to daily routine. They do not find any time to relax themselves.

Big cities are centres of knowledge. There are many schools, colleges and other educational institutions in big cities. Besides this, medical facilities are easily available.

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