What are Lenses and its Types in Physics

Lenses and its Types in Physics



A transparent and smooth glass or any refracting medium surrounded by two spherical surfaces is known as lens.


Types of Lenses


There are two types of lenses:


  1. Convex Lens:


If the glass is thick at the center and thin at the edges then it is known as convex lens, It is a converging lens

It has three types:


Double Convex Lens

Plano Convex Lens

Concavo Convex Lens


  1. Concave Lens:


If the lens is thinner in the center and thicker at the edges then it is known as a concave lens. It is a diverging lens.


It has three types:


Double Concave Lens

Plano Concavo Lens

Convex Concave Lens


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