What is Law of Conservation of Energy in Physics

Law of Conservation of Energy


Law of Conservation of Energy




The law of conservation of energy states that “Energy may neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change shape”



Consider a body of mass “m” at height “h” above the ground. Its kinetic energy


at that point A is:


K.E = 1/2(mv2)


K.E = 1/2 m * (o)


K.E = o…………..(i)


The potential Energy at point A is:


P.E = mgh …………(ii)


So the total energy at point A will be:


T.E = K.E + P.E


E(A) = O + mgh


E(A) = mgh



Suppose the body is released from this height and falls through a distance x. Its new height will be (h-x]. The velocity with which it reaches point B is calculated by using the third equation of motion:


2gs = Vf2 – Vi2


As we know:


Vi = 0

S = x



2gx = Vf2 – 0

2gx = v2


The kinetic energy at point B is:


K.E. = 1/2 mv2


Substituting the value of v2:


K.E.= 1/2*m * 2gx


K.E = mgx


The Potential Energy at point B is:


P.E = mgh


The height of the body is (h-x):


P.E. = mg(h-x)


The total energy at point B is: y


E(B) = PE + K.E.


E(B) = max + mg(h-x)

E(B) = mgx + mgh -mgx


E(B) = mgh


Hence, the total energy at point A and B are some. It means that the total value of energy remains constant.


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