What is Kingdom Plantae in Biology

Kingdom Plantae in Biology


Kingdom Plantae



Includes all eukaryotic multicellular and chlorophyllous living organisms, which have cell wall made up oftrue cellulose.


Majority of members are autotrophic but few are parasite e.g.: “Cuscuta”


They have localized growth, regions of growth lying primarily at the extremities that is root and stem apioes.


Classification of Kingdom Plantae


Kingdom planatae is divided into tow sub-kingdom on the basis of presence or absence of vascular tissue (xylem and phloem).


A – Sub-Division – Bryophytes (Non- Vascular)


1- Class Hepatica (Liverworts)


2- Class Musci (Mosses)


3- Class Anthroccrota (Homworts)


B- Sub-Division – Tracheophytes


1- Class Psilopslda (Psllopsids)


2- Class Lycopsida (Club Mosses)


3- Class Sphenopsida (Horse Tails)


4- Class Pteropsida (Ferns)


5- ClassSpermopsida (Seed Plants)



Sub -Division Bryophyta (Amphibian Plants) Or (Non-Vascular Plants)


1- Absence of lignin-fortilied tissue to support tall plants on land.


2- Members of this sub-division usually sprawl horizontally as mats over a large surface.


3- Always have a low profile (1 -2om-2ocm tall).


4- Regular heteromorphic alternation of generation is present w/t gametophytes dominancy (Gametophytes large and long lived).

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