Important Questions of Chapter Metallurgical Operations

Important Questions of Chapter Metallurgical Operations

What are ores and minerals? Name some ores of iron, copper and aluminum.

What is meant by ore dressing? Name three ores which need benefication and discuss the operations involved in their dressing.

How are ores concentrated? Discuss the froth flotation process for the concentration of a sulphide ore.

What do you understand by roasting and smelling? Discuss the importance of carbon as a reducing agent for the production of metal.

Describe the construction and working of open hearth furnace and Bessemer furnace.

Describe with sketch, a blast furnace. Discuss in detail the chemical reactions which take place in a blast furnace.

What are the important minerals of aluminium? Describe the process used to extract aluminium from bauxite.

Discuss the extraction and refining of aluminium.

What are the important uses of aluminium?

How will you extract copper from sulphide ore? illustrate with the help of diagram.

Write down the important ores of copper. Give the methods for the concentration of the ore.

How is copper refined by electrolysis? Write down some uses of copper.

Explain the difference between pig iron, cast iron, steel, stainless steel and wrought iron. I low is wrought iron produced on commercial scale?

Describe a process for converting pig iron into steel together with the nature of chemical changes involved.

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