The Huntsman Poem Reference to the Context

The Huntsman Reference to the Context




These lines have been taken from the poem “The Huntsman” written by Edward Lawbury.




This poem tells a Kenyan folk-lore. It tells that sometimes a hunter becomes hunted himself. Kagwa went hunting and found a talking skull. He came to the king and informed him to the fact. The king ordered to know the reality. When it was found not so, Kagwa was killed. Strange enough it was that after his murder the skull spoke. The story tells us that irresponsible talking can bring destruction. The elements of suspense and irony create a shocking impact.

Note: So, you decided to try to add some modern technological solutions to your work. It’s a fascinating process, but not always easy. Mastering new programs and devices often involves certain complexities, and if you do not have a clear plan of action, you may want to surrender, without really starting it. I suggest that you do the following 7 steps that will help to develop this plan. Step 1. Clearly determine why you need technology. I heard a lot of stories about how the introduction of technology in schools failed miserably. All of them are united by one thing: they first took some technology, for example, an electronic board, and then they demanded to find an application for it. Although everything should be exactly the opposite! First we determine that we have some problem that we can’t solve with the means that we already have, and only after that start looking for the right technology!

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