A Hockey Match Essay in English for Class 10

A Hockey Match Essay in English


Hockey is our national game. It is played all over the country. I am very fond of playing hockey. Last Sunday, I witnessed a hockey match. It was played between our school and Islamia High School. The match started at 3:30.

The referee blew the whistle and the match started. In the beginning, the game was slow but within 15 minutes the game became very fast. Both the teams were trying their best to score a goal. The ball was rolling swiftly among the players.

Just before the interval, the captain of Islamia School team succeeded in scoring a goal with the help of a beautiful shot. After the interval, the game started again. Our team became more active and dominated in the ground. Soon our team scored two goals one after the other. The students of our school felt very happy and clapped their hands to encourage the players.

The players of our rival team fought bravely to socre any goal. But they could not succeed in their move till the end of the game. The spectators enjoyed the game played by both the teams very much. Our school won the match by one goal. Our headmaster appreciated ‫the performance of our players and gave away the prizes.

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