My Hobby Essay in English for 10th Class

My Hobby Essay in English

A hobby is a useful activity which is done during leisure. It gives pleasure and enjoyment during spare-time. There are many hobbies like gardening, stamp-collecting, coin-collecting،photography, reading etc, Gardening is my favourite hobby.

The desire to grow fruits and flowers is natural to me. So I devote my extra time to gardening. I keep myself physically fit with the help of this hobby. I feel myself in the heart of nature. There is a spacious ground attached to our house. I have grown a beautiful garden in it. The sweet fragrance of the flowers serve as a tonic for my body.

It saves me from different diseases. I have planted a few plants of fruit also. Similarly, there is sufficient growth of vegetables in my garden. We seldom purchase vegetables from the market. Gardening provides me a good exercise for the day. It is my sincere friend and inspires me whenever I am in a depressed mood.

Whenever I cast a glance over my small garden, my heart is filled with joy. Life is a struggle. If we rest, we rust. So it is better that one should pass very busy life. Hobby, thus, is an interesting activity which brings pleasure and recreation in leisure.

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