What are Hereditary and Non Hereditary Characteristics

Hereditary and Non Hereditary Characteristics


Hereditary Characters:


Those characteristics, which are transmitted, form parents to offspring. For example eye colour, hair colour etc.


Non-hereditary Characters:


Those characteristics, which are not, transferred form parents to offspring. For example parent’s habits or any body part lost or weakened due to any disease.


Note: The disadvantages of this kind of training are manifested in the fact that for 6 years of correspondence department students study for a total of only six months. Thus, it is hardly possible to obtain a good amount of solid knowledge in the chosen specialty. Exceptions are students who are seriously engaged in their studies on their own, but such, unfortunately, are few. Another disadvantage is the place of work. Perhaps after school and you can get a job as a sales consultant, secretary or at best a customer service manager, that is, you will find a job that does not require special skills. There is only one way out: get established by acquaintance, but if the company rumors about it, you are unlikely to maintain good relations with colleagues. So, you graduate from the correspondence department of the university with work experience of 6 years, say, assistant manager. You have both “education” and work experience. Where to move next? If you have not been promoted in your company for this time, then it is unlikely that they will do it now. It is necessary to change the place of work. And where can you find a job with the “assistant manager” experience? Correctly, for certain you will be offered the same post. A vicious circle is formed: there is education and experience, but not the fact that you are lucky with decent work. However, I rely on the experience of only a few familiar people. There were probably cases when after graduating from the university students went directly to the director,

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