The Happy Prince is a Fairy Tale

The Happy Prince is a Fairy Tale


In a fairly tale we find unreal characters like fairies, giants, witches and talking animals. It is a story, which is hard to believe. The events of a fairy tale do not happen in real life. The most important quality of a fairy tale is that it always has a happy conclusion.


So, The Happy Prince is also a fairy tale as we can read the swallow talking to the happy prince and we read a statute having the feelings and talking to others. HE even cries on the suffering of the poor. The swallow picks of ruby, sapphires and gold covering without any tool.


The end of the story is also makes it a perfect fairy tale. The swallow will always sing in the garden of paradise and the Happy Prince will always praise God in the city of gold. This is quite a happy ending and fulfills the most important requirement of a fairy tale.


Therefore, we can conclude that the story “The Happy Prince” is a perfect fairy tale.


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