Guess Papers For Class 9th Chemistry

Guess For Class 9th Chemistry


Questions # 39

  • What are radioactive isotopes?
  • Write isotopes of chlorine.
  • Give one example each of the use of radioactive isotope in medicine and radio therapy.
  • Describe some major applications of radioactive isotopes in our surroundings.
  • Write down any three isotopes of uranium.
  • What is isotope? Discuss the structure of Isotope with suitable examples.
  • Give the applications of isotopes in the field of radiotherapy and medicines.
  • Describe the isotope of hydrogen with diagram.
  • What is an isotope?

Questions # 40

  • Write at least two physical properties of magnesium.
  • What is meant by magnesium ribbon and where it use?
  • Write down any two uses of magnesium.

Questions # 41

  • Briefly describe the electrolytic refining of copper.
  • What is electrolytic cell briefly describe its construction and working?
  • Give the difference between electrolytic cell electro chemical cells.

Questions # 42

  • What is inolarity? Write its formula.
  • Describe the significance of chemical formula.

Questions # 43

  • Write different types of molecules What is the difference molecule and molecular ion?
  • What is a molecule?

Questions # 44

  • Write a note on the construction of a Daniel Cell.
  • Briefly describe the construction and working of Daniel cell?

Questions # 45

  • Write any two chemical properties of halogens.
  • Write down the important chemical reactions of halogens.

Questions # 46

  • Why we stir paints thoroughly before using?
  • Define substance. Mole is SI unit for the amount of a substance. Define it with examples.
  • Define boiling point and also explain the factors which are affected on it?
  • Explain classical theory of radiation
  • Discuss the construction and working of a cell in which electricity is produced.
  • Write a short note on Allotropy.
  • Describe the classification of Dobereiner’s triads and give one example.
  • What do you mean by cation and anion? Explain with examples.
  • What are redox reactions?
  • Give chemical reaction between methane (CH4) and chlorine (Ct2 ) in the presence of diffused light.
  • Write the names of Electro chemical cells.
  • Complete and balance the given chemical equation Na+H2
  • Define analytical chemistry.
  • Differentiate between periods and groups.
  • Define empirical forthula with example.
  • What is Metalloid?
  • What is matter?
  • Ionic compounds form solids. Justify.
  • What do you mean by dynamic equilibrium?
  • What do you mean by Pascal? How many Pascals are equal to I atm.
  • What do you mean by solubility?
  • What is meant by density?
  • What is suspension?
  • What is meant by condensation?
  • What is meant by Brine?
  • What is meant by chemical reactivity?
  • What is Lewi’s Structure Diagram?
  • What is % v/m ?
  • What is electro positivity? Explain with an example.
  • Define industrial chemistry.
  • Define bio chemistry and give the scope of bio chemistry.
  • Define physical chemistry.
  • How can you differentiate between organic and inorganic chemistry?
  • For what purpose is u-235 used?
  • Explain ductile.
  • Give experimental verification of Charles’s law.
  • Define oxidizing agent.
  • Define quantum theory.
  • Define symbol and valency with example. What is meant by variable valency?
  • Define homoatomic and hetroatomic morecule with examples.
  • Define freezing point.
  • Define malleable.
  • Define effective nuclear charge.
  • Define morality and writes its unit.
  • Define nuclear fission reaction
  • A patient has goiter. How will it be detected?
  • Define Nuclear Chemistry.
  • What is the difference between ions and free radicals?
  • Write the definition of Duplet rule and Octet role.
  • What is the nature of electrode used in electrolyzing of chromium?
  • What is meant by periodicity of properties?
  • What is difference between steel and stainless steel?
  • Define Alkali metals and Alkaline earth metals.
  • What is Dielectric Constant?
  • What are intermolecular forces?
  • Explain the term absolute zero.
  • Name the by-products produced in Down’s cell.
  • Why an iron grill is pointed frequently?
  • How can you prove that angular momentum is quantized?
  • Why is HF a weak acid?
  • Why do you mean by malleability?

Complete Chemistry Guess for 9th Class


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