Guess Paper 10th Class Chemistry 2021

Guess Paper for Matric Chemistry

Matric Chemistry Guess

  • Define pH. What is the pH of pure water?
  • Why pure water is not a strong electrolyte?
  • Find the pH of .001 M solution of KOH.
  • Which salts are responsible for hardness of water?
  • Why salt is neutral? Explain with an example.
  • What are acidic salts? Write one chemical equation of their reaction with bases.
  • Write condensed formula of any two hydro carbons.
  • Write names of any two methods of preparation of salts.
  • Give the reactions of chlorine with hydro carbons.
  • What are closed chain hydrocarbons? Give two examples.
  • What are saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon, give example?
  • Why are hydrocarbons considered as parent organic compounds?
  • How hydro carbons act as fuel?
  • Give difference between saturated and unsaturated hydro carbon.
  • Write the names and general formulas of unsaturated hydro carbons.
  • Give two uses of Methane.
  • What are cyclic and acyclic compounds?
  • What happens when methane is treated with chlorine in the presence of bright sunlight?
  • How are alkyl halides reduced?
  • What is Dehydrohalogenation of Alkyl Halides?
  • Write sources of vitamins A and D.
  • Write names of water soluble vitamins.
  • Justify water soluble vitamins are not injurious to health.
  • What are Fat Soluble Vitamins? Write their examples.
  • Write down diseases born by the deficiency of vitamin A.
  • Write uses of Vitamin-D.
  • Write the names and formulae of two fatty acids.
  • What are fatty acids? Give one example.


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