What are the General Characteristics of Bryophytes

General Characteristics of Bryophytes


  1. i) Bryophytes are the plants without vascular tissues (xylem & phloem).


  1. ii) Bryophytes are the simplest plants.


iii) There are three groups of bryophytes

  1. Liverworts. One example of liverworts is marchantia.
  2. Hornworts. One example of hornworts is anthoceros.
  3. Mosses. One example of mosses is funaria.


  1. iv) AII bryophytes are found in moist habitat as damp soil and rocks, moist brick walls and on banks of rivers and streams etc.


  1. v) Bryophytes are small plants. Their size is 1-2 cm.


  1. vi) They lack true roots, stems or leaves. Instead of roots they have rhizoids for absorption of water and salts from the soil.


vii) Plant surface is covered with thin waxy layer, which prevents the loss of water by evaporation.


viii) They can reproduce sexually as well as asexually.


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