The Foolish Quack Question Answers

The Foolish Quack Question Answers


Q1. What is the clump of trees?


Ans. A clump of trees means a group or a groove or a furrow of trees grown close to each other.



Q2. What was stuck in the camel’s throat?


Ans. A water-melon was stuck in the camel’s throat while grazing in the field.



Q3. What did the quack pretend to cure?


Ans. The quack pretended emphatically to cure goiter i.e the swollen throat.



Q4. What did the quack do with the old woman?


Ans. He wrapped a blanket around the old woman’s throat and hit it hard with mallet .i.e he repeated the same practice, which he did with the camel.



Q5. What was the result of the cure?


Ans. The cure resulted into the instant death of the poor old woman.



Q6. What was the punishment inflicted on the quack by the villagers?


Ans. The punishment inflicted or imposed on the quack by the villagers was to dig the grave for the burial of the old woman and a beating in addition to digging.



Q7. For whom did the quack dig the grave?


Ans. He dug the grave for the old woman, whom he killed with his notorious and abortive practice of curing goiter.



Q8. What did the quack do in the next village?


Ans. The quack again pretended to be expert in curing goiter.



Q9. Why didn’t the villagers let the old man get cured?


Ans. They did not let the old man cure because the quack warned them that in case of old man’s death, he should not be held responsible. Hearing this, the villagers said that they had nothing to do with a doctor, who talked of death before curing.



Q10. Why did the quack come back to the camel-men?


Ans. He came back to the camel-men to taunt him for misguiding or misleading him regarding the cure of goiter.



Q11. How did the camel-men cure their camel?


Ans. They cured their camel by tying a blanket round the neck of their camel and hit it hard with a mallet. The water-melon stuck in the throat of the camel was crushed with the blow and the camel swallowed the food instantly. It was a natural way meant for animals based on common sense, but was not for human beings.

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