English Literature Solved MCQs for PPSC & CSS PMS

English Solved MCQs for PPSC & CSS PMS

A great collection of Solved MCQ’s for NTS CSS PPSC FPSC PMS Studends. We have compiled these MCQ’s in the period of 2 months from different educational resources for the help of our brother and sisters which are not able to get success in first attempt. Nowadays, all the educational data comes in digital form due to the success of elearning. The opportunity to choose their own way of studying the subject – active or passive training, various levels of interaction: the “classic” written materials (with the knowledge of his own abstract), interactive simulations, discussion with other students (via e-mail, teleconference), the increased use of multimedia (graphics, animation, sound …). Practical work with different technologies – you not only get information about the material being studied, but also additional knowledge and skills about the use of different technologies, which gives students the opportunity to achieve the level of education inherent in the XIX century, and support it. Independent learning and interaction – even teachers learn from students who are looking for sources of information on their own. Anyways, let’s take a look at a huge collection of Solved MCQ’s for CSS NTS PPSC FPSC and PMS.


1. Wool gathering

Meaning : indulgence in aimless thoughts and dreamy imagination; absent minded.
Usage : Mother advised to her son to not wool gather and be serious

2. Under the harrow
Meaning : in difficult situation; distress
Usage: After giving divorce to her wife he is under the harrow now.

3. Cold comfort
Meaning: little comfort or encouragement.
Usage: After getting job Aslam is in cold comfort.

4. A gold digger
Meaning : A relationship mad by women with a man to seek his money or gift.
Usage: The new secretary seem to be gold digger.

5. Walk with God
Meaning : to live in accordance with the commandments of God.
Usage: He is very pious person because he walk with god.

6. On the thin ice
Meaning : in a risky and dangerous situation.
Usage: Aslam made many mistakes in the Essay paper and now his is on the thin ice

7. A queer fish
Meaning : a person of old habits
Usage: Aslam father in law is a queer fish

8. Unearthly hour
Meaning: at a very earlier time of morning
Usage: it is midnight what brought you to come here.

Birthday Suit
Meaning : Completely naked, no clothes on
Usage : The little boy was running down the street in his birthday suit.

Bite off more than one can chew
Meaning : try to do more than one is able to do
Usage: I think I bit off more than I can chew by taking on the new assignment.

Bite the bullet
Meaning: endure in a difficult situation, face a difficult situation bravely
Usage: I have decided to bite the bullet and begin studying for my Master’s degree.

Bite the Dust
Meaning : be killed, break down, be defeated
Usage: I think that my car has finally bitten the dust.

Bite the hand that feeds you
Meaning : turn against a friend or supporter, repay kindness with wrong
Usage: He is biting the hand that feeds him if he continues to criticize and fight against his boss.

Blind leading the blind
Meaning : someone who doesn’t understand something trying to explain it to others
Usage : It is like the blind leading the blind watching him try and explain how to operate the new computer.

Blow it (something)
Meaning : fail at something
Usage: I tried hard but I am sure that I blew the final math exam last week.

Blow one’s own horn
Meaning : praise one self
Usage : He is always blowing his own horn and is very annoying at times.

Blow over
Meaning : die down or calm down
Usage : The problem with the lost invoices has finally blown over and everyone is working hard again.

Blue in the face
Meaning : Endlessly, fruitlessly
Usage : You can argue with him until you are blue in the face but you will never change his mind.

Bone of contention
Meaning : A reason for quarrels, the subject of a fight
Usage : The family cottage was a major bone of contention when their father died.

Boot out
Meaning : make someone go or leave, get rid of someone, dismiss
Usage : He was booted out of high school for smoking on the school grounds.

Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth
Meaning : Born rich, provided from birth with everything you need
Usage: He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has never worked in his life.

Brand new
Meaning : Absolutely new
Usage : He was finally able to buy a brand-new car.

Break down
Meaning : stop working because of mechanical failure
Usage: The car broke down on the lonely road so nobody knew about it.

Break down
Meaning : Analyze
Usage: We must break down these figures for further study.

Break fresh ground
Meaning : Deal with something in a new way

Usage: The researchers were able to break fresh ground in their search for a cancer cure.

Break the bank
Meaning : win all the money at a casino gambling table
Usage: He didn’t really break the bank but he did win a lot of money.

Break the ice
Meaning : relax and start a conversation in a formal situation
Usage : Nobody was enjoying the party until the host finally was able to break the ice.

Break the news
Meaning : tell some information first
Usage: He is planning to break the news to her about his transfer tomorrow.

Break up (with someone)
Meaning : stop a relationship
Usage : She broke up with her boyfriend last June.

Bring home the bacon
Meaning : work and earn money for your family
Usage: He is out bringing home the bacon and is very busy.

Bring home the importance of something to someone
Meaning: make someone fully realize something
Usage: He was unable to bring home the importance of arriving early for the meeting.

Bring some new facts to light
Meaning: discover some new facts, make some new facts known
Usage: The lawyers were able to bring some new facts to light in the trial of the killer.

Bring someone into line
Meaning : persuade someone to agree with you
Usage: He was finally able to bring the other members of the committee into line.

Bring something on
Meaning : cause to develop rapidly
Usage: I don’t know what brought on his anger but you should avoid him until he calms down.

Bring the house down
Meaning : cause much laughter in the audience
Usage: The comedian brought the house down with his jokes about the lost dog.

Bring to mind
Meaning : recall something

Usage: Her perfect acting brought to mind some of the great actresses of the past.

Bring up
Meaning : introduce a subject into a discussion

Usage: They brought up the subject at the meeting but nobody wanted to talk about it.

Bring up
Meaning : raise or care for a child
Usage: My grandmother brought up ten children.

Bring up the rear
Meaning : be at the end of the line or in the last position
Usage: The runner from the other school was bringing up the rear in the school relay race.

Meaning : have no money
Usage: I spent all of my money on my holiday and I am now broke.

Brush up on something
Meaning : review something one has already learned
Usage: I’m going to brush up on my English before my trip to New York.

Brush with the law
Meaning : A brief encounter or experience with the police because of a crime
Usage: He had a brush with the law when he was young but now he is totally honest.

Bull in a china shop
Meaning : Someone who is clumsy and upsets other people or plans
Usage : He was like a bull in a china shop when I saw him at the meeting last week.

Bundle up
Meaning : put on warm clothes, dress warmly
Usage: We bundled up and went for a walk in the park.

Burn a hole in one’s pocket
Meaning : Money that you want to spend quickly
Usage: I just got paid today and this money is burning a hole in my pocket.

Burn down
Meaning : burn completely (usually used for buildings)
Usage: The neighbor’s house burnt down completely during the night.

(1) Who wrote “Shakespeare’s Later Comedies’?

“Palmer D.J.”

(3) Which. of the following is not a play by Shakespeare?


(4) Who is the author of ‘After Strange Gods’?


(5) Who is the Villain in ‘Hamlet’?


(6) Who is the heroine of ‘Hamlet’?


(7) After whom the Elizabethan Age is named:

“Elizabeth I”

(8) Who wrote ‘Common Pursuit’?

“Leavis, F.R.”

(9) ‘ Paradise Lost is an epic by:


(10) “After Apple Picking” is written by:

“Robert Frost”

(11) Ernest Hemingway wrote:

“Old Man and the Sea”

(12) “Intellectual Beauty” is written by:


(13) Who wrote “20th Century Views”?

“Abrahams, M. H.”

(14) ‘Desert Places’ is a:


(15) The University Wits were:


(16) William Shakespeare was Born in:


(17) Francis Bacon died in:


(18) The period between 1660 to 1750 is known as:

“The Restoration”

(19) Who wrote “The Pilgrim’s Progress”?

“John Bunyan”

(20) ‘‘The Conduct of the Allies’ is a famous work of:

“Jonathan Swift”

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