English 9th Class Guess Paper 2021

English 9th Guess


Q.NO.7: Change the voice of the following:


1) She likes mangoes.

2) They have bought a horse.

3) She will write a letter.

4) They caught the thief.

5) He will tell a story.

6) Shut the door.

7) She tells a lie.

8) They love their dog very much.

9) They praise the boy for his courage.

10) I will buy a car.

11) He is mending the chair.

12) Try this shirt.

13) We did not hear a sound.

14) Open the window.

15) Who is singing the song?

16) A car run over a child.

17) Open your book.

18) She did not cheat anyone.

19) We shall have read the lesson.

20) Aslam will not fly the kite.

21) Always speak the truth.

22) He reads good books.

23) Who will oppose you?

24) Do not tell a lie?

25) Break the egg.

9th English Guess Papers for Summary idoms Letters and Stories

Now the whole world is talking about the crisis of education. In general, rarely has society ever been satisfied with its educational system. Even in relatively prosperous times, talk about the crisis of the school, about the backlog of education from the demands of life, etc. is typical. The fact is that from time to time there is a social contradiction between the old conservative way of organizing the school, including the higher one, and the emerging social order . And this contradiction requires its resolution.

Now in the USA they persistently write that the American education system is in crisis. But the crisis of education in our country and in the West is not the same thing. “Their” crisis is connected with the fact that it is necessary to somehow compete in the field of rapidly changing high technologies, it is caused by informational “overproduction”, we have a completely different matter, our crisis is associated with a lack of funds for improving education. In the developed countries of the West, the funds allocated to education, science, research and development exceed 10% of the gross national product, while we have 10 times less.


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