End of Term by David Daiches Question Answer

End of Term Question Answer


1: What was Daiches attitude towards the week end as a school boy? Why did he long for it?


Ans: As a school boy, he felt joy at the arrival of week-end. He walked home like an escaped prisoner. He longed for it to get rid of daily burden of school.



Q. 2: What was his general view of school life?


Ans: He was a good student and often enjoyed the actual class room work. School life was full of labour and tough competitions. Teachers gave them a lot of home work. This daily grind of school made him long for holidays.



Q.3: He liked holidays for their freedom- freedom for what?


Ans: He liked holidays for their freedom-freedom from waking up early in the morning, from large number of classes and from grind of routine school work.



Q. 4: How did he spend his summer holidays?


Ans: The summer holidays were a long period of bliss. He spent his summer vacation in his village with his grand parents. He played cricket in July sunshine; he enjoyed these holidays very much.



Q. 5: Wishes don’t come true in this life, writes Daiches. What are the things he longed for but could not have?


Ans: He wished to get a tricycle in his early childhood and later a bicycle. He wished to get ice-cream and sweet free of cost. His these wishes did not come true.



Q. 6: What did he do with his pocket money?


Ans: He kept his savings in money-box because he was not allowed to spend his pocket-money.



Q. 7: Why was the Friday morning rose coloured for the writer?


Ans: Friday morning was positively rose coloured because it was a week end. Moreover, they were going to have two consecutive holidays to enjoy themselves.



Q. 8: What were unexpected respites?


Ans: Unexpected respites mean sudden dismissal of school before usual time due to some crises, celebration and football match. But these were few and far between



Q. 9: When did he buy his first bicycle?


Ans: He bought his first bicycle at the age of 21 with the prize money he won atEdinburgh University.



Q.10: What was the most frightening day of the week for Daiches?


Ans: Monday was the most frightening day of the week for Daiches. Waking up on Monday morning was a dismal experience for the writer.



Q.11: What were the feelings of the writer on Saturday and Sunday?


Ans: Saturday night had the charm for the holiday between it and the Monday morning. But Sunday night was full of the threat of Monday morning.

2nd Year English Complete Notes

Note: In Belarus, too, a friend left the university in the final year, because she could not pay for the exam required by the professor, although her head for the exam would be more than enough. Most universities monitor the equipment, laboratories, visual aids correspond to the latest technology and the latest achievements of science. Otherwise, what is the point in preparing a production chemist from the drawings of treatment plants in 1983, if he can not apply his knowledge in practice. Well, probably enough. Now we turn to the minuses, which also exist, which many aspiring to enter abroad are simply forgotten – just to leave as soon as possible. It’s not a fact that you will find work in the country where you graduated. Even in Germany, where graduates are given one year after graduation to a job search, it is not very easy to stay. It is not a fact that if you return to your homeland to look for a job, your knowledge and specialty will be in demand by the domestic labor market. This is also not everyone thinks, deciding to go to study in another state. Socialization is one of the most serious stumbling blocks on the path of foreign students. Experience shows that the majority of citizens of the CIS, after coming to a new country, immediately seeks to find their compatriots in order to communicate in a familiar language and in a familiar environment. Thus reluctantly go to contact with local and with students from other countries.

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