I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King Questions and Answers

I Have a Dream Questions Answers


Q1. Write a note on the struggle of Martin Luther King Junior?


Ans. Martin Luther King was a priest as well as a well-honoured political leader of the Black Race during the Civil Rights Movements dating from 1950’s to 1960’s in America. He was awarded Nobel Prize for Peace in 1964. He took steps and raised voice against racial prejudice and injustice. He led the freedom moments in the Southern States of America for the Black Race /Negroes.


During these moments, he and his supporters underwent torture and suffering but nothing could stop them from preaching sanctity of freedom, fraternity, faith in equality and human rights. In the early 1960‟s, he was jailed in Birmingham, where he wrote a letter to a local newspaper titled “The Letter from a Birmingham Jail” regarding brutality of police to citizens. He won the freedom struggle and rights for the Negroes. He was shot dead during a protest on 4th April, 1968 in Memphis.



Q2.What was the condition of Negroes in his days?


Ans. In 1950‟s when the movement for Civil Liberty was at its peak; the Negroes in America were living a pitiable and pathetic life. They were not only hated but also but also treated worse than animals. They had to face tough trails and tribulations. They were kept in narrow jail cells. They had to undergo the storms of persecution and staggered by the winds of police brutality. They were wallowing in the valley of despair in search of freedom and justice. They were neither considered for well-paid jobs nor higher education. To uplift the life of Negroes Martin Luther King sacrificed his own life.

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