What are the Different Types of Glands in our Body

Types of Glands in our Body


There are two types of glands are present in human.


Exocrine Glands:


They produce fluid secretions that are delivered by tubes or ducts to the body surface e.g. pancreas delivers pancreatic juice to intestine for digestion.


Endocrine Glands:


These glands produce secretions called hormones. These are not passed into tubes or ducts. These are released into blood and carried out by the target area by blood circulation. Following endocrine glands are present in human body.


  1. i) Pituitary gland.
  2. ii) Thyroid gland

iii) Parathyroid gland

  1. iv) Pancreas
  2. v) Adrenal glands
  3. vi) Gonads


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