What are the Different Agents of Seed and Fruits Dispersal

Agents of Seed and Fruits Dispersal


Dispersal by Wind:


The seeds, which are of smaller size and lighter, are carried away by wind. These may have wings or hairs, which help them to be dispersed by wind. Examples are cotton seed, sumbal seed etc.


Dispersal by Animals:


Animals help dispersal of seeds in two ways:


  1. i) Some seeds have hook or spines, which entangled in fur of animal and taken away.


  1. ii) Some hard seeds and fruits are eaten by animals. These seeds could not digest and passed out of body along with dung. Examples are mulberry and guava etc.


Dispersal by Water:


Seeds of aquatic plants are dispersed by water. These plants grow in water or near water. These seeds contain spongy tissue, which help them to float. Hence they are carried away by water. Examples are lotus and coconut.


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