Difference Between Wind Pollinated Insect Pollinated and Water Pollinated Flower

Wind Pollinated Flowers:


  1. i) Flowers are small and with coloured petals.


  1. ii) Pollen produces in a large number. They are light.


iii) Flowers have long feathery stigmas.


  1. iv) Filaments are long.


  1. v) Flowers do not produce nectar.


  1. vi) Their examples are maize, wheat and rice.


Insect Pollinated Flowers:


  1. i) Flowers are large and have coloured petals.


  1. ii) Pollens are not produced in large number. They are sticky.


iii) Stigmas are variously shaped.


  1. iv) The filaments are short.


  1. v) Flower produce nectar.


  1. vi) Their examples are rose and calotropis.


Water Pollinated Flowers:


  1. i) The flowers are small and with brightly coloured petals.


  1. ii) Pollen float under water due to specific gravity.


iii) Flowers have long stalks and sticky stigmas.


  1. iv) The filaments are short.


  1. v) They do not produce nectar.


  1. vi) Their examples are potamogeton and vallisneria.



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