What is the Difference between Light and Dark Reaction in Photosynthesis

Difference between Light & Dark Reaction


In photosynthesis two types of reaction takes place


  1. i) Light Reaction


  1. ii) Dark Reaction



Light Reaction:


Chlorophyll absorbs sunlight, which break down the water molecule to release hydrogen and oxygen. The break down of water through light is called Photolysis. Energy of absorbed light is converted into two chemical compounds:

  1. i) NADPH (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate)
  2. ii) ATP (Adenosine tri-Phosphate)


All these reactions, which take place in the presence light, are called light reactions.


Dark Reaction:


Energy from ATP and NADPH is utilized to prepare glucose. Hence energy is stored in glucose. This phase do not require light, hence this reaction is called dark reaction.


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