Difference between AC and DC Current in Physics

Difference between AC and DC Current


Alternating Current:


  1. AC is obtained by a resistor that is connected in series with a source of alternating current.


  1. Its direction continuously changes.


  1. It is obtained by a generator.


  1. Its transportation from one point to another point is very easy.


  1. It has a frequency about 40 Hz to 60 Hz.


  1. No voltage drop takes place in the time of transportation.


  1. It is not too dangerous.


  1. It is cheaper than DC.


  1. It changes very high to low or vice versa.


  1. It changes its direction continuously as w and -}r.



Direct Current:


  1. DC is obtained by connecting the two ends of a conductor to the terminals of a batter.


  1. Its direction remains unchanged.


  1. It is obtained by a chemical reaction,


  1. Its transportation is very difficult.


  1. It has no frequency.


  1. Great voltage drop takes place in the time of transportation.


  1. It is too dangerous.


  1. It is expensive.


  1. It cannot change easily.


  1. It has no direction.


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