A Dialogue Between a Teacher and a Student who comes Late

Teacher: Hello Fauzia. You are bit late today.

Fauzia: Yes, Madam,_l am sorry.

Teacher: Well, so what happened?

Fauzia: The school-bus was right on schedule. it was about to cross the canal bridge when it came to a halt with a jerk. The tyre had gone flat.

Teacher: I see. It’s none of your fault then!

Fauzia: One thing more, Madam, the driver had no lack with him. He waved to other vehicles but none of them stepped. Nobody seemed to be willing to oblige at those rush hours.

Teacher: Well, what did you do then? You came by another bus?

Fauzia: No, Madam, we left the bus where it was and walked up to school all the way.

Teacher: Well done! You are a brave girl indeed. Now, girls let’s get going with our lesson.

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