A Dialogue between a Tailor and a Customer

[The father is about to set up the tape-recorder. He calls aloud Yasser, Anne.) Come over here. Hurry up! They show up in a minute)

Father: You are going “to hear a dialogue on tape now.

Yasser: Father what is it about?

Father: Well see this picture, (There is a picture of a tailor and a customer. Father switches the tape recorder on. They listen with attention).

Tailor: Good morning, Sir, what can I do for you?

Customer: I should like to be measured for a suit.

Tailor: With pleasure, Sir, kindly step this way.

What style and shade would you prefer?

Customer: I want an ordinary suit made of brown tweed. How much the stitching would cost F’

Tailor: I can make you a suit for Rs.2000/- It is quite reasonable, sir.

Customer: That’s right-

Tailor: Can you manage to call in sometime next week for the try?

Customer: Yes, just give me a ring. Here is my card.

Tailor: Very good, sir. Good morning, (father takes out the plug and talks to his kids).

Father: What do you say to that kids?

Yasser: Very interesting, Dad.

Anne: Father l shall hear it again and then we practice. Yasser will act out as the tailor and I Shall be the customer.


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