Describe Venous System of Frog

Venous System of Frog


Vessels which bring back blood to heart from different parts of body are called veins. Veins join to form venous system. This system consists of following veins:


Pulmonary Veins:


These bring blood from lungs. They carry oxygenated blood.


Right & Left Precavals:


Each precaval is formed by three veins. These bring blood from lower jaw, head, shoulders, skin and forelimbs.


Post Caval:


It is formed by six pairs of renal veins. It brings blood from kidneys.


Renal Portal Vein:


Veins which bring blood from hind limbs and pelvic region join to form renal portal vein. This enters into kidney and joins post caval.


Abdominal Vein:


Pelvic veins join to form abdominal vein. This vein enter into liver and divides into capillaries. Then this blood enters into post caval.


Hepatic Portal Vein:


Veins which bring blood from digestive system are called hepatic portal vein. This blood is also reached to liver and finally enters into post caval.


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