Describe the Structure of Nephron

Structure of Nephron


Nephron is structural and functional unit of kidney and excretory system. Each nephron consists of two parts:


Renal Corguscle:


Renal corpuscle is further divided into two parts:


  1. i) Glomerulus is a group of capillaries. Blood enter in them through renal artery.


  1. ii) Bowman’s capsule is a cup shaped blind end of the nephron. It surrounds glomerulus from all sides.


Renal Tubule:


It is long and narrow tube and has three parts:


  1. i) 1st coiled part is first portion of nephron. It twisted upon itself in very complex way.


  1. ii) Loop of Henle is second part of nephron, which is U-shaped tube.


iii) Last coiled part is last portion. It is also coiled. These coiled parts open into larger duct called collecting duct. These collecting ducts collects urine from nephrons and pour it into renal pelvis.


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