Describe Abiogenesis and Biogenesis

Describe Abiogenesis and Biogenesis


In ancient days, living things were believed to originate in two ways:




This was common observation that living things are produced from their parents.




This hypothesis was formed due to lack of information. According to this concept living things are produced from non living things spontaneously. For example frog is produced from mud, mice from debris, insects from dew drops and maggots from putrefied meat.


Note: “Do not teach me to live” answers most of the students in response to the attacks of adults: for their rake to go, of course, more convenient, but there is also such a thing as efficiency. This article is about how to put more knowledge into your head, losing a minimum of free time. The truth about them is still to be learned in advance, and applicants (and even students) are almost always shy to admit, including to themselves, that they still do not know what a job is. But it has always been so, so we will survive, we will earn money, feed families and raise children. In the end, work is a tool, not an end in itself, although, of course, it’s great if this work is a favorite. We will proceed from the fact that you voluntarily decided to choose a specialty, on which you study, otherwise the advice will not help much, because you will still have to make efforts. On the other hand, if you divide these hundred hours into four months, which last a semester, it turns out that you can practice regularly for only 50 minutes a day. The real figure for a working person? We can say that this figure is not just real, but also quite sparing. Imagine that you are given 50 minutes a day to lecture on management – the duration is a school lesson.

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