What is the Definition of Species in Biology

Definition of Species in Biology


A species can be defined as a group of organisms that can breed with one another in nature and produce fertile offspring.


Note: Preparation of a student in two specialties is simultaneously more effective than the training of a specialist with higher education and working in the specialty. In the latter case, a person should “tear” between work and study, he will not have enough time to read additional literature on the specialty and electives. And the form of education will not allow this, since in 80% of such cases students prefer to receive a second higher education on the basis of evening or correspondence courses. The training of managers who already have the first higher education usually takes place either through MBA programs, or the second higher one is obtained in profile work or management direction. Summarizing the above, it should be recognized that the most effective is the simultaneous receipt of two higher educations. Student’s training is carried out on a full-time form of training, which implies more effective training of a specialist, the student has more free time for self-preparation, in the future, it does not take significant time to master a new specialty.

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