Define the Terms Stimulus and Response

Define Stimulus and Response


  1. i) Stimulus is any influence or change in external and internal environment.


  1. ii) Response is a change in the activity or reaction of the organism to the stimulus.


Note: Minuses of this type of training are manifested in the fact that for 6 years of correspondence department students study in total for only six months. Thus, it is hardly possible to obtain a good amount of solid knowledge in the chosen specialty. Exceptions are students who are seriously engaged in their studies on their own. Another disadvantage is the place of work. After school it is difficult to get a job in a place with a high salary and favorable working conditions. Full-time education is a form of training that involves compulsory attendance of lecture classes (lectures and seminars), held on the schedule of a six-day academic week. At the lectures students receive the necessary theoretical material, which is later fixed at the seminar. The methods for conducting seminars vary depending on the subject of the training course and include the analysis and solution of practical problems, discussion of the topics of the course, and the conduct of business games. Computer technologies, such as automated training systems, business games and network testing, are also used.

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