What Conditions are Necessary for Seeds to Germinate

Necessary Conditions for Seeds to Germinate


Seeds need sufficient food for germination, which they get from cotyledons. Following environmental conditions are necessary for seed germination:


Moisture or Water:


  1. i) Seed absorb water and swell up, which cause seed coat to burst. This help the root to emerge out.


  1. ii) Water also help the enzymes to activate themselves to digest the food of seed.


iii) Water also helps to elongate hypocotyle and epicotyle to grow out.




  1. i) Germinating seed need a lot of energy for growth.


  1. ii) Air is very important for germination as it contains about 21% of oxygen.


Suitable Temperature:


  1. i) Germination occur in temperature range of 5-30°C. However best temperature range is 25-30°C.


  1. ii) This range of temperature of very necessary for the enzymes to function.


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