Classification of Living Organisms Class 11

Classification of Living Organisms


According to the modern classification given by R.H.Whittaker in 1969, living organisms are divided into five major kingdoms, which are:




It includes all prokaryotes, unicellular organisms. For example, Bacteria and Cyan bacteria.





It includes unicellular Eukaryotic organisms, which are in between plants and animals. eg. Chlamydomonas, Euglena, Paramecium. etc




It includes non-chlorophyllus multi-cellular, thallophytic organisms having cell wall. For example all types of fungi, unicellular to multi-cellular like Mushrooms and Yeast etc.





It includes all chlorophyllus multi-cellular Eukaryotic living organisms having cellulose cell wall. For example apple, red wood etc.



It includes all Eukaryotic multi-cellular, non-chlorophyllus organisms having no cell wall. For example Hydra, Earthworm, Human Beings etc.

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